Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You mean normal people sleep at night?

It's the middle of the night and probably not the best time to write an entry, but I do get the urge to do so quite often at these times.

I feel , as I believe I've hinted at, that this is a very trans formative time in my life. I think that beyond the obvious there are deep spiritual changed taking place. Little subtle energies working quietly and making big changes.

This month has been full of some beautiful time spent with Templo Guaracy da Terra. There were a few great Gira's last month and then this month started with the "Celebração da Linha do Oriente". What a beautiful day! Although getting to Santa Cruz early in the morning is quite the pain for us it's well worth it for something like this. As part of the festivities that day I danced. I always love dancing in that space because I can let go and move from the spirit, rather than worrying so much about the technique and oh no will they like it. It was great. We were also graced with a dance performance by Leah, a poetry reading by Mirriam and a beautiful a capella song by the awesome Larissa. The gira itself was beautiful also.

This last Saturday was the wedding of two members of the Temple performed by Iyalorixá Iya Darinlê (Mãe Tina) from Brazil. That woman carries such an amazing presence that I often find myself struck rather dumb when I am around her. Of course the language barrier is there and I feel lame for not speaking any Portuguese, but that's a small thing. I was so happy to be able to be a small part of the day. The wedding ceremony was gorgeous. I am continually amazed by the people that I have met through this temple and Umbanda. I find myself being closer to the person I want to be when I am around them and I am ever so thankful for that. Now wouldn't it be nice if we could learn to stay in that energy in our day to day lives. I'm certainly trying.

I keep saying I am going to talk about dance, and I want to, but a little part of me is enjoying all of the trans formative work I am doing in that area so much that I want to keep it to myself for a while. Half of it can't be explained anyway.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Our 2xcreative project is done and can now be seen here http://worktogether09.livejournal.com/

I don't really like the layout of the entry but I couldn't figure out how to get what I was seeing in my head. I'm challanged in that area.