Friday, April 17, 2009


I love the process of springing up the place. Who cares that by the middle of June all my plants will be asking me why I planted them in the middle of hell. Maybe this year they'll make it all year since we bought a drip system for the courtyard with a timer so if we are gone a few days they shall not parish. Who knows. Right now nothing is actually planted in the pots yet. They are all just huddled in the middle of the patio wondering why I am such a lazy ass.

A few years ago when we were trying so hard to sell this place all I could think about was having a real back yard to plant a huge garden in. Last year when it had finally set in that we were not going anywhere I started working on turning our little courtyard into a container garden. It really was beautiful for the better part of the summer until we went out of town one too many times and the plants couldn't withstand the heat. We even put up a misting system around part of the area because I was determined to sit out there even when it was hot. I wanted to be a summer person. I never managed it, but I will try again this year.

Today we put in a little fountain. Sometimes I think the most important part of the whole thing is just doing the work. It brings a special kind of peacefulness that I certainly could use more. Monday I'll plant.

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  1. I love the fountain. I put a Kuan Yin on our deck last year with some potted flowers on stands. Made it SO much better out there. :-)