Friday, April 10, 2009

Pretty shades of pink...but not

I really need to make a list of foods that are no longer going in my mouth. It's not that I'm sick of being a fat ass or anything, that comes and goes, what I am really sick of is being pink. I've known for a while now that the fact that I turn many shades of pink, red, fuchsia, and every variable of that has to do with food allergies. I know this why? I know this because one minute I am in the normal color range facially and then I eat and I become a tomato. The number one culprit seems to be white flour. I can do 80% cacao but not milk chocolate without become an itchy mess, and any form of oil save olive seems to give me palpitations.

How could it be possible that my relationship with food could become even more dysfunctional? Whine whine whine, there is nothing left to eat poor me. Thankfully that's not really true and the things I love most , fresh vegetables, seem to be just fine.

Do you ever forget that you love healthy food? Sometimes I will get in these cycles where I eat tons of stuff that is "bad" for me, egg rolls happen to be a downfall, and sometimes processed cheese food. How embarrassing, but true. In these times (which I do believe may be hormonal, or perhaps bipolaral heh) the knowledge of my love for fresh veggies and fruits seems to have been dropped completely from my memory. I mean really pickles are vegetables aren't they? That's got to be enough. Preservatives can surely be substituted for vitamins can't they? I am currently coming out of one of these periods. It's both wonderful and horrible all at the same time. I'm eating all sorts of raw healthy goodness and saying yum a lot. On the other hand my body seems to be detoxing and vomiting and nausea have occurred. My face is pinker than normal. It's really not my color.

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